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Sylvia Weinstock’s passion takes the cake! I was so enthralled by this beautiful lady many years ago and so inspired by her passion for her work that I never forgot her. Being “unforgettable” is the trademark of a spiritual experience. God speaks through the unforgettable experiences of our lives. We make a divine connection with one another through the passion of our hearts. And, that is just good business!

Sylvia’s cakes are unforgettable for the reason that they fill your taste buds with joy and your life with an unforgettable experience of touching true greatness in baking to your lips. Sylvia’s cakes are an extention of her maternal nurturing capability with a simple smile. She offers a mother’s love in every morsel.

When you have tasted a Sylvia Weinstock cake you feel loved. And, love is what good things and good people are all about.

A wedding is more than a day or an event…..It is the beginning of a new life of eternal love and a commitment to passionate living.

Sylvia Weinstock knows love, commitment, and passion…..it’s all in the cake!

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