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Holy Marriage ~shannan suzzette

The reality of love that we spend our lives trying to deny is that it is simple. Love is simple. It is not something to be bartered, traded, sold, compromised, bullied, or bent to our ways of thinking. Love is constant. Love is unchanging at the source. Meaning, that once the seed of pure love has been planted in the ground of our being it can never be destroyed.

Love is a simple seed that rests safely in the heart of God and in us as long as we live and thereafter. Love is not about sex, jealousy, or power plays. Authentic love is the root of our soul. And, when we connect with another on a truly authentic soul level with the pure intent of selfless devotion, we feel the sacred union of God in the trinity as a holy marriage.

A holy marriage is one that is annointed by the grace of God not one that is the result of a superficial physical attraction. A holy marriage is one soul resonating with another in perfect harmony and light for the highest good of all. There are no secrets or hidden agendas in the light of a holy marriage. Knowing and sharing the divine love of God and divinity in one another offers the pleasures of divine and sacred sex, an otherworldly sober pleasure to be honored, respected, and protected with our lives.

God made the holy marriage as a gift to mankind. To love and be loved in true nakedness of being, devoid of ego or fear. The holy marriage of authentic lovers gives us the sustaining grace of God in all we do, in all we are, and in all we have yet to become.

Love unites us and sustains us. And, if it does not do that, then it is not authentic. God brings the light to those who are willing to see beyond the physical and embrace what is eternal. Love is the eternal seed from all good things are brought into this world.

May you all be blessed with authentic love and the sacred love of a holy marriage for all eternity.

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