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we miss so much when we alter nature

the tomato that once smelled like a luscious sweet fruit

has been neutered and left with no perfume

the woman who called herself grandmother

mending socks and shirts with her needle and thread

so proud of her life and the lines that framed her smile

loving the kitchen and making magic there

she was always enough for herself

her loved filled her heart and moved us all to tears

through the years she reigned

the grandmother, the wise one, who knelt with God

in her daily prayers

made no excuses for her choices

they were her own

she did not neuter her perfume

for the sake of the long journey home

she breathed in her life and out her love

like the fish that Jesus brought

she made more

out of nothing

than those who live

to make nothing out of more

her fragrance landed on me today

soft pink roses at my door

her rose petal water

brought her back to life

this early morn

to show me love

is always best

when it is cared for, mended, and caressed

and we can honestly bless the day we were born

for life is beautiful

not because of what we make it

only because of what it is

love manifested in flowers and smiles

and treasured kisses

where the ripe tomato basks in its own perfume

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