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families and businesses only succeed if everyone knows their place and their job in the company and the family. -sst

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(c) 2011 shannan suzzette taylor

I often wondered as a child
how people can be so solemn
in life and death
yet as the years press on
they iron my own public emotions
music and art and poetry
keep my heart
even as the tug of war
of dramatic lives unfold
before me
I have learned to sit in silent gaze
solemn in my vow
my emotions are kept
between me and God
and the pages of my poetry
as my life and my love
are my own

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via Barry Strongin
ACCORDING TO NUMEROUS PSYCHOLOGICAL STUDIES, THE ONE COMMON COMPONENT FOR LONGEVITY & WELLNESS IS ‘LOVE’ – WHICH MAKES LIFE WORTH LIVING ! …. “I don’t pretend to know what love is for everyone, but I can tell you what it is for me; love is knowing all about someone, and still wanting to be with them more than any other person, love is trusting them enough to tell them everything about yourself, including the things you might be ashamed of, love is feeling comfortable and safe with someone, but still getting weak knees when they walk into a room and smile at you.” Greta Garbo (3/18/1905-4/15/1990)

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“I Am A Woman In Love”

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beauty is…..

“staying in love is the key to living a beautiful life everyday.”-Owen Joseph/Shannan Suzzette

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Chocolat – Happy Working Song

I Love this Happy Little Working Song!! 🙂 Happy Hugs for Happy Work!! 🙂

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Sylvia Weinstock’s passion takes the cake! I was so enthralled by this beautiful lady many years ago and so inspired by her passion for her work that I never forgot her. Being “unforgettable” is the trademark of a spiritual experience. God speaks through the unforgettable experiences of our lives. We make a divine connection with one another through the passion of our hearts. And, that is just good business!

Sylvia’s cakes are unforgettable for the reason that they fill your taste buds with joy and your life with an unforgettable experience of touching true greatness in baking to your lips. Sylvia’s cakes are an extention of her maternal nurturing capability with a simple smile. She offers a mother’s love in every morsel.

When you have tasted a Sylvia Weinstock cake you feel loved. And, love is what good things and good people are all about.

A wedding is more than a day or an event…..It is the beginning of a new life of eternal love and a commitment to passionate living.

Sylvia Weinstock knows love, commitment, and passion…..it’s all in the cake!

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Don’t Stop Believing

Daily Kabbalah Tune Up: Don’t Stop Believing Don’t Stop Believing
Saturday May 28, 2011

Never stop believing in people just because they hurt you. You might be their only connection to the light of change.
Think about those not with you anymore, either because your relationship grew apart or you got hurt, and be that one person who never stops believing in them!

-Yehuda Berg

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And Into the Darkness Came A Great Light…

we are here on earth to help one another grow..whether we acknowledge it or like it one little bit. this is often a tug of war in likes and dislikes since no one really wants to be the object of direct sunlight…and everybody wants the other person to fall into the mud for some reason… we are all kids in our thinking and behaving until we can honestly see that tug of war is only a game and at the end of the game both sides are muddy and both sides are really pretty equal. the only difference between enlightened and unenlighted players and gamers is that the enlightened ones have moved through the mud consciously and can see that it is a only a game.. not a way of life.
everybody needs to get clean and real to see their true beauty. everybody has a great gift to bring into the light and a way to serve humanity without living in the constant dark companion of narcissism. nobody wins when someone else loses. so it is, we are here in tribal tug of wars and friendly earthly combat to learn that child’s play and competition in life is just a game of learning to get dirty and then learning to get clean. ….only then will we be able to grow in the sunlight and know the roots of our understanding are deep in the ground of our soul. and there is absolutely nothing to fear in love and light. responsible energy is clean energy. -Owen JOSEPH/shannan suzzette

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