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Everything in moderation. That is what O was trying to teach me….and teach himself. When I bought the big bright piñata way before Grace’s 9th birthday he said, “no. we only get presents on our birthday!” That was our first big fight in many years. He reprimanded me like a child…and therefore I became one. It was a strange feeling being scolded for shopping. I grew up with presents all the time and therefore it never occurred to me that we really need something to look forward to in life, we really need holidays and birthdays to be special. We need to cultivate anticipation for therein lies the joy of receiving. I suppose that is why presents never meant much to me. I enjoyed giving more than receiving because it was only in giving that I felt love. O said I went overboard all the time. I bought too much and too many. “we only need ONE pair of boots and ONE pair of ski pants!” He was right. I was wrong. I went overboard on shopping and he went overboard on other things. We mirrored each other that way and we had to break that pattern and that mirror. That brought pain and sorrow. We were children again and we were not playing nice this time. Time apart had made us angry spiteful little children but that is not who we were or who we are. I know he was right about my overspending. And I know I was right about other things that he overdid. We are honest with each other that way but honesty doesn’t mean nice all the time but it means we have the ability to endure and learn from our mistakes. We have the ability to forgive and to love without ceasing.

Love makes us children again. Love brings up our deepest fears and inadequacies and overcompensations so that we can look at them and let them go. Love takes time to sculpt us into simple beauty again. God is the child within us and although we need to keep a sense of play and abundance in our lives and daily activities, we also need to learn structure, discipline, and moderation. We need to know that love grows best in simple solid ground. Love’s abundance is not in presents… but in presence.

When I first met O, 25 years ago, he brought me 6 chocolate covered strawberries. 6 perfectly shaped and dipped delicious chocolate strawberries and a beautiful smile and sparkling eyes. That was a most significant present in my life because he was fully present in his love, in his heart, and his soul when he bowed in delivery. It was probably the first gift I had ever received that felt filled with pure love and I was overwhelmed and felt completely unworthy. Thus the walls began to be constructed in my subconscious. Love was beautiful yet overwhelming. I was consumed and lost in this beauty of presence. I didn’t know it at the time… but what I was feeling was God inside my heart. This love was not physical, it was and is simply divine.

For almost 6 years now, O has been trying to teach me moderation by forcing deconstruction of the walls I built with words and money to keep me impermeable to the vulnerabilities of intimacy and love. Through this difficult time, I have learned that it is important to have boundaries and speak openly and honestly, but it is not good to hide behind walls of words and money. So it is I have had to find the balance of both by losing my words and money willingly so that I could understand that words are not love and money is not love. Both are necessary, I do understand that it is not all or nothing. But the one thing I know for sure now is that love lives best in simple moderation. O was right.

I think a man’s most difficult job is in teaching a woman how to live loving moderation.

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“there can be no authentic success without experiencing and holding authentic love in your heart.” -Owen Joseph/Shannan Suzzette

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Coco Channel

it is love and passion that propel artistic genius….and that is a legacy worth leaving behind. -sst

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Prayer To Our Queen Of Angels

Prayer To Our Queen Of Angels

October 23, 2010Edit

PrayOften.net Please say this prayer:

“August Queen of Heaven, sovereign Mistress of the Angels, who didst receive from the beginning the mission and the power to crush the Serpent’s head, we beseech thee to send thy holy Angels, that under thy command and by thy power, they may pursue the evil spirits, encounter them on every side, resist their bold attacks, and drive them hence into the abyss of woe.

“Most holy Mother, send thy Angels to defend us and to drive the cruel enemy from us. Amen.

“All ye holy Angels and Archangels help and defend us. Amen.”

Our Lady, Queen of the Angels – August 2

Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira

In 1863 A Bernardine Sister was shown in spirit the vast desolation caused by the Devil throughout the world. At the same time, she heard the Blessed Virgin telling her it was true, Hell had been let loose upon the earth, and that the time had come to pray to her as Queen of Angels and to ask of her the assistance of the Heavenly Legions to fight against these deadly foes of God and men.

Our Lady, the Christ Child, and the Angels
Detail from The Wilton Diptych, c. 1395

“But, my good Mother,” she replied, “you who are so kind, could you not send them without our asking?”

“No,” Our Lady answered, “because prayer is one of the conditions required by God Himself for obtaining favors.”

Then the Blessed Virgin communicated the following prayer, bidding her to have it printed and distribute it everywhere.

August Queen of Heaven, sovereign Mistress of the Angels, who didst receive from the beginning the mission and the power to crush the Serpent’s head, we beseech thee to send thy holy Angels, that under thy command and by thy power, they may pursue the evil spirits, encounter them on every side, resist their bold attacks, and drive them hence into the abyss of woe.

Most holy Mother, send thy Angels to defend us and to drive the cruel enemy from us. Amen.

All ye holy Angels and Archangels help and defend us.

This prayer was approved by the Church. A person who says it receives a 300 day indulgence.

Comments of Prof. Plinio:

When we consider the power of the Revolution, the way it has spread throughout the world, further, when we consider the intrinsic ferocity it has, then we reach the conclusion that the Revolution relies on the support of the devils.

The Revolution shows itself in its full iniquity in epochs when it lets its mask fall. During the explosion of the Protestant Revolution, for example, the number of religious women who left the convents to embrace the heresy and afterwards to become prostitutes was enormous. There was even a market established for those countless nuns who wanted to be prostitutes. There were so many who wanted to deliver themselves to this form of depravity that the normal places of prostitution were completely filled, and still a large surplus of women remained. So, a market offered them straight to the public. It shows the iniquity of the Protestant Revolution.

In a parody of a Catholic procession, the revolutionaries lead the “goddess reason” to Notre Dame

Also the quantity of profanations was astonishing. The heretics had a special hatred for the Eucharist and would profane it in the churches, opening the tabernacles, taking out consecrated Hosts from the chalices and throwing them on the streets to be stepped on by pedestrians. A reputable author, referring to the number of these profaned Hosts, said that the streets of all Germany were covered with Hosts. It is another expression of the evil of the Revolution.

During the French Revolution, there was a constant persecution of the Church. First, the State declared itself separated from the Church; then it decreed the separation of the French Church from Rome. After that, all the Catholic churches in France were closed. Further, in the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris, the French revolutionaries placed a nude woman, a cabaret performer, on the altar of Our Lady in her place, and she was adored as the “goddess Reason.” This reflects the iniquity of the Revolution.

In the Middle Ages, when the Revolution started, Popes, Emperors and Kings were against it. The powerful of the time were against it and, nonetheless, it infiltrated the edifice, corroded its foundations, and reached the zenith of power it has today. Analyzing this inexorable march, one concludes that the Revolution could not have been so successful without having the increasing support of the Devil. Today, then, we have the apex of both, the power of the Revolution and the power of the Devil; there is a terrible demonic infestation.

The demonic influence and participation in the revolutionary process explains why its iniquity goes beyond the limits of human evil. The evil proper to man stained by original sin could not be as bad as the extreme of evil we are witnessing in our days. There is something else in this extreme of evil. This something else is the part played by the Devil.

When a man delivers himself to this extreme of evil, he is infested by the Devil, because his human nature would normally be repelled by such a degree of iniquity and he would reject it. If he accepts it, this is because part of his will is possessed by the Devil. Since there are countless men in this condition, one can conclude that the Devil has become effectively the lord of this world.

The revolted Angels are driven into Hell

Pieter Bruegel the Elder

So, our counter-revolutionary fight will never be complete if it does not take into consideration this fight against the Devil. This battle, however, cannot be won without the help of Our Lady. She is the one who received the mission to smash the head of the Serpent. She has the power to expel the devils. She does so by means of the Angels.

Why does she need the Angels?

First, God wanted the universe that He created to be governed by the creatures He created, and not directly by Him. He made the Angels the intermediaries between God and men so that they could direct them.

Second, He established Our Lady as Queen of the Universe and, therefore, gave her the power to rule over everything. The Angels are the normal agents to execute the orders she gives for her rule. For this reason, she is the Queen of the Angels.

Third, because the Angels have the same nature as the devils, it is appropriate for them to combat the devils So, Our Lady uses them for that fight.

Fourth, the first war in History was the heavenly war between the Angels and the devils. This war will only end on the last day of History. Until then, the devils will always try to destroy the plan of God for men, and the Angels will do the opposite.

Thus, Our Lady wants to expel the devils that infest the world through the Angels, her subjects. To invoke her under the title of Queen of the Angels is most efficacious.

Our Lady, Queen of Heaven and Earth

In this fight, men have a special role to play. They must ask Our Lady to expel the devils from earth. Without this prayer, she does not do it. If we ask her, she will do it, but it is necessary to ask.

Therefore, since we are living in an epoch where the demonic infestation has reached its apex, we should ask with increasing insistence that the hour of the power of darkness end and that the devils be cast into Hell.

We should ask her to expel the devils that influence the soul of each one of us, the souls of the members of our families, the souls of the persons we are supposed to bring to the Counter-Revolution.

Catholic doctrine teaches us that in the first battle in Heaven, the bad angels who took an active part in the revolt against God were sent straight to Hell.

The ones who took a passive part, however, were sent to infest the air of the earth.

This second type prepares men to fall into temptation; when they are prepared, the first type comes in order to tempt them to commit a mortal sin and break their union with God.

We should ask Our Lady to free us from the influence of both the devils of the air and the devils of Hell.

When this power of Satan will be broken, the ground will be free to set the foundations for the Reign of Mary .

Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira
The Saint of the Day features highlights from the lives of saints based on comments made by the late Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira. Following the example of St. John Bosco who used to make similar talks for the boys of his College, each evening it was Prof. Plinio’s custom to make a short commentary on the lives of the next day’s saint in a meeting for youth in order to encourage them in the practice of virtue and love for the Catholic Church. TIA thought that its readers could profit from these valuable commentaries.

The texts of both the biographical data and the comments come from personal notes taken by Atila S. Guimarães from 1964 to 1995. Given the fact that the source is a personal notebook, it is possible that at times the biographic notes transcribed here will not rigorously follow the original text read by Prof. Plinio. The commentaries have also been adapted and translated for TIA’s site.

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God Bless My Beautiful Saint Catherine and her unwavering faith in miracles…. may we too know how to walk blindly in this world….seeing only love and the goodness in others. the miracle of life is that we share this love with all, the minute we are born into the light of a new world….we birth and rebirth ourselves everyday in this light and love… and so it is we remain in the state of eternal grace, forever knowing our place in the sacred heart of God. Love and blessings to all. Amen.-shannan suzzette taylor

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Collin Raye – Love Remains

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when you want something to happen a certain way it won’t. guaranteed it won’t. but if you allow for the miraculous in your life…everything you ever truly wanted from the depths of your heart and all the beauty and happiness you ever dreamed about will be yours. let go…and let God show you..let God drive and you will reach your perfect destiny in perfect time. -O Shannan Suzzette

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John Michael Montgomery “The Little Girl”….One person can and does make a difference with love and light..we are all points of Light of we choose to be..the truth of this song says it all. we are either part of the problem or part of the solution…who do you see in the mirror? Please Help Stop Child Abuse In Our Lifetime. Music Makes A Difference. -sst

Her parents never took the young girl to church
Never spoke of His name
Never read her His word
Two non-believers walking lost in this world
Took their baby with them
What a sad little girl

Her daddy drank all day and mommy did drugs
Never wanted to play
Or give kisses and hugs
She’d watch the TV and sit there on the couch
While her mom fell asleep
And her daddy went out

And the drinking and the fighting
just got worse every night
Behind their couch she’d be hiding
Oh what a sad little life
And like it always does, the bad just got worse
With every slap and every curse
Until her daddy in a drunk rage one night
Used a gun on her mom and then took his life

And some people from the city took the girl far away
To a new mom and dad
And kisses and hugs everyday
Her first day of Sunday school the teacher walked in
And a small little girl
Stared a picture of Him
The Little Girl -John Michael Montgomery

She said I know that man up there on that cross
I don’t know His name
But I know He got off
He was there in my old house
and held me close to His side
As I hid there behind our couch
The night that my parents died

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I Can’t Fill A God Shaped Hole

I Can’t Fill A God Shaped Hole

July 23, 2011

I always tried to fix people..and I exhausted myself because I didn’t see for years that it was me who was broken and filled with holes…Chuck Cannon is right, nobody can fill a God shaped hole for you. no self-help guru or prophet. your soul is only between you and God….and you either learn to surrender to that truth or not. love and healing are inside work that manifests as our heart felt work in the world. God meets you on the page when you dare to show up as who you really are. thank you Chuck for this song and this truth. peace and love to you. -sst

a new song by the GREAT Nashville Songwriter, Chuck Cannon.

send it to your friends….for anyone who has ever tried to fix anybody.. we can only learn to fill our own holes with love… and that is often the hardest thing to do.

truth is in this song….chillingly honest and intimate

“I Can’t Fill A God Shaped Hole”



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