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Battle Hymn Of Love

I promise… “I’ll foresake my rest for your happiness…til my death I will stand by you.”

there is a little white church in Yosemite…. where this was filmed… and a great old hotel…the Ahwahnee

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“we do what we have to do… until we can do what we were born to do. the road teaches us what we can and cannot live without. God is everywhere but most people never see Him. Yet, our Heart always holds Him in our Truth in the pure Light of His Love in us. Forever One Flesh in His Love in us.” -Owen Joseph/shannan suzzette

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“Saint Catherine Laboure and The Medal Of Miracles”

“God Bless Our Beautiful Saint Catherine Laboure and her unwavering faith in miracles…. may we too know how to walk blindly in this world….seeing only love and the goodness in others. the miracle of life is that we share this love with all, the minute we are born into the light of a new world….we birth and rebirth ourselves everyday in this light and love, through willingly choosing to surrender all selfish desires, to always follow the Truth of Love in the Holy Spirit and do God’s Will in every circumstance and then, so it is that we remain in the state of eternal grace, forever knowing our place in the sacred heart of God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. One God forever and ever. Amen. Saint Catherine Laboure, pray for us! Love and blessings to all. Amen.”-Owen Joseph Tierney Jr./shannan suzzette taylor

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Warning: Lourdes

Lourdes: 1858

In 1854, Pius IX defined the dogma of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Four years later, Bernadette Soubirous, a fourteen-year-old girl whose family was the poorest in Lourdes, France, declared she had seen a Lady in the village dump, where she and two other girls had been gathering firewood. The vision had issued from the heart of a massive rock formation next to the river Gave, in a place called “Massabielle,” which literally means “old rock.” After several visits, the Lady asked Bernadette to return fifteen times, which she faithfully did, whereupon she and the whole world received a message and a gift. The message was simple and direct: “Repentance! Repentance! Repentance!”
The gift was a beautiful clear spring, coming forth from the base of the rock at a point where Bernadette had obediently dug with her bare hands in the mud, for the Lady had directed that she drink at The Spring. The waters soon displayed miraculous healing properties, and pilgrims began their journeys to Lourdes to bathe in the water and drink at The Spring. Ever since The Spring appeared, countless millions have found living waters at this spot where the Blessed Virgin spoke to a little girl of no account. When Bernadette at last asked the beautiful Lady who she was, the vision confessed, with awesome simplicity, “I am the Immaculate Conception!” Unburdened from sin from the beginning, she showed what the Lord wants for us at the end. Her battle is ours, a fight against sin. If we would only repent of our sins, the calamities that threaten the humans would never occur. There would be healing and peace that issues from the heart of God, like water from The Rock. Like Mary, we dwell within the “old rock” of the Church, the Rock of Christ. The waters flowing from it in the mystery of Baptism would cleanse us and refresh us with grace.

The miracles at Lourdes continue until today to confront us with the message of Mary and the constant availability of God’s healing and forgiveness. The Spring is a reminder that the springs of “living water” are waiting for the people of the world, that they may come and “drink freely, without pay.” The burden of sin upon us will be lifted, its stain washed away. The message grows more emphatic with Lourdes. Sin is the core of the problem. The world must change. The Darkness is gathering.

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Who Is A Good Marriage Partner?
(c) 2011 Owen Joseph Tierney Jr./shannan suzzette taylor

“marry the man or woman who brings you closer to God, for that Holy Love is the Essence, Spirit, and Force that will bind you or separate you. in choosing a life-partner you must be equally yoked in your faith and values or your wagon will never move forward into the Light of Eternal Love and Happiness. Love is knowing God within your heart. your true mate will illuminate your own divinity within and you will never fear again. a long life is only as good as the love you share it with. wait for the real thing and you will know it to be true as the light in your hearts beating as one will illuminate your whole world and nothing will be the same ever again. God lives in the center of the sacred heart of marriage and as long as you both are committed to God first, you will remain committed to one another forever.” -Owen JOSEPH Tierney Jr./Shannan Suzzette Taylor

The apostle Paul wrote the saints in Corinth, “Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with lawlessness? And what communion hath light with darkness?” (2 Cor. 6:14)

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“even though I walk through the valley…”

“Even Though I Walk Through The Valley..”
excerpt from the book, “A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23”
(c) W. Phillip Keller

from the shepherd’s point of view this statement marks the halfway stage in the Psalm. …. David, the Psalmist, of course knew this terrain firsthand. …. he knew this wild but wonderful country like the palm of his own strong hand. never did he take his flock where he had not already been before. always he had gone ahead to look over the country with care. all the dangers of rampaging rivers in floods, avalanches, rock slides, poisonous plants, the ravages of predators that raid the flock, or the awesome storms of sleet and hail and snow were familiar to him. he had handled his sheep and managed them with care under all these adverse conditions. nothing took him by surprise. he was fully prepared to safeguard his flock and tend them with skill under every circumstance. all of this is brought out in the beautiful simplicity of the last verse. here is a grandeur, a quietness, an assurance that sets the soul at rest. “i fear no evil, for you are with me” – with me in every situation, in every dark trail, in every dismal disappointment, in every distressing dilemma. in the Christian life we often speak of wanting “to move onto higher ground with God.” how we long to live above the lowlands of life. we want to get beyond the common crowd, to enter a more intimate walk with God. we speak of mountaintop experiences and we envy those who have ascended the heights and entered into this more sublime sort of life. often we get an erroneous idea about how this takes place. it is as though we imagined we could be “air lifted” onto higher ground. on the rough trail of the Christian life this is not so. as with ordinary sheep management, so with God’s people, one only gains higher ground by climbing up through the valleys. every mountain has its valleys. its sides are scarred by deep ravines and gulches and draws. and the best route to the top is always along these valleys. any shepherd familiar with the high country knows this. he leads his flock gently, but persistently, up the paths that wind through the dark valleys. it should be noticed that the verse states, ” even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death.” it does not say I die there, or stop there – but rather “I walk through.” it is customary to use this verse as a consolation to those who are passing through the dark valley of death. but even here, for the child of God, death is not am end but merely the door into a higher and more exalted life of intimate contact with Christ. death is but the dark valley opening out into an eternity of delight with God. it is not something to fear, but an experience through which one passes on the path to a more perfect life. the Good Shepherd knows this. it is the one reason why He has told us, “surely I am with you always” – yes, even in the valley of death. what a comfort and what a cheer…. the basic question is not whether we have many or few valleys. it is not whether those valleys are dark or merely dim with shadows. the question is how do I react to them? how do I go through them? how do I cope with the calamities that come my way? with Christ I face them calmly. with His gracious Spirit to guide me I face them fearlessly. I know of a surety that only through them can I possibly travel on to higher ground with God. in this way not only shall I be blessed but in turn I will become a benediction to others around me who may live in fear.”

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“A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23”

excerpt from the book, “A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23”
(c) W. Phillip Keller

“a hallmark of the serene soul is the absence of “drive”, at least “drive” for self determination. the person who is prepared to put his personal life and personal affairs in the Master’s hands for His management and direction has found the place of rest in fresh fields each day.” -w. phillip keller

Jesus never made light of the cost involved in following Him. in fact, He made it painfully clear that it was a rugged life of rigid self-denial. it entailed a whole new set of attitudes. it was not the natural, normal way a person would ordinarily live, and this is what made the price so prohibitive to most people.

in brief, seven fresh attitudes have to be acquired. they are the equivalent of progressive forward movements onto new ground with God. if one follows them, he will discover fresh pasturage; new abundant life; and increased health, wholesomeness, and holiness in his walk with God. nothing will please Him more, and most certainly no other activity on our part will or can result in as great a benefit to other lives around us.

1. instead of loving myself most, I am willing to love Christ best and others more than myself.
2. instead of being one of the crowd, I am willing to be singled out, set apart from the gang.
3. instead of insisting on my rights, I am willing to forego them in favor of others.
4. instead of being “the boss”, I am willing to be at the bottom of the heap.
5. instead of finding fault with life and always asking “why?”, I am willing to accept every circumstance of life in an attitude of gratitude.
6. instead of exercising and asserting my will, I am willing to learn to cooperate with His wishes and comply with His will.
7. instead of choosing my own way, I am willing to choose to follow Christ’s way; simply to do what He asks me to do.

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“beauty likes to keep away from public glare. it likes to find a neglected or abandoned place, for it knows that it is only here it will meet the kind of light that repeats its shape, dignity, and nature. there is deep beauty within each person. modern culture is obsessed with cosmetic perfection. beauty is standardized; it has become another product for sale. in its real sense, beauty is the illumination of your soul. —- there is a lantern in your soul, which makes your solitude luminous. solitude need not remain lonely. it can awaken luminous warmth. the soul redeems and transfigures everything because the soul is divine space. when you inhabit your solitude fully and experience its outer extremes of isolation and abandonment, you will find that at its heart there is neither loneliness nor emptiness but intimacy and shelter. in your solitude you are frequently nearer to the heart of belonging and kinship than you are in your social life or public world. at this level, memory is the great friend of solitude. the harvest of memory opens when memory is ripe.” -john o-donohue

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spiritual beauty in solitude

“only in solitude can you discover a sense of your own beauty. the Divine Artist sent no one here without the depth and light of divine beauty. this beauty is frequently concealed behind a dull facade of routine. only in your solitude will you come upon your own beauty.” -john o’donohue

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“man needs reckless courage to descend into the abyss of himself.” in actual fact, these demons do not account for all of the subconscious. the primal energy of our souls holds a wonderful warmth and welcome for us. one of the reasons we were sent onto earth was to make this connection with ourselves, this inner friendship. the demons will haunt us, if we remain afraid. all the classical mythical adventures externalize the demons. in battle with them, the hero always grows, ascending to new levels of creativity and poise. each inner demon holds a precious blessing that will heal and free you. to receive this gift, you have to lay aside your fear and take the risk of loss and change that every encounter offers.” john o’donohue, anam cara

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