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Hard Hat And A Hammer

Honor is Integrity in Action.

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Amarillo Sky

hard working men make America great!

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The House That Built Me

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Who I Am

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To Love and Be Loved
(c) 2011 O shannan suzzette

God gives us love and free will
to teach us the gift
of suffering

God gives us water
to teach us the gift
of thirst

God gives us pain
to teach us the gift
of surrender

through our free will
we suffer
great pains of the heart
as we struggle to feel
our right use of power
and life force

through our thirst we desire to escape
from the pain of life
at all costs

birth is a painful process
as we travel from spirit
into skin
and try to grow to hold more
of this world
than we think we can stand

we struggle from birth
to be released again
into freedom
to soar again in spirit

yet we are bound
to life here on earth

until we surrender to love

for it is then that we come to know
the true gift of life
feeling all that limbs and breath
basking in the sun and letting go
into the wind of peace and tranquility
feeling love lifting us into the heart
of God
with all the memories we have made
and treasures we have left along the way
not lost but kept forever safe

the path of life is suffering
but suffering is not really suffering
at all
it is knowing life lived one precious moment at a time

by blind faith alone
seeing only through the light of our own heart
we pray to understand
for what purpose we were born at all

to love and be loved
as we are
beheld softly in the eyes
and hands
of God
and one another


we are never alone

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“love is what we are.”-Owen Joseph/Shannan Suzzette

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choosing Love.

“when we really choose Love the rest just seems silly.” -Owen Joseph/Shannan Suzzette

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