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Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.
Antoine de Saint-Exupery


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we are all caught in wars we didn’t start. yet still we must live on the battleground of duty and serve our wounded as best we can, as we try to serve ourselves. generations have come and gone and will continue to come and go leaving little traces of who they were, what they did, and how they survived as best they could with what they had. we all do the best we can with what we have to work with, be it skill, intelligence, intuition, creativity or physical strength. I know it is my great lesson in this life to learn unconditional love for others as well as for myself. this single lesson is incredibly hard for me. I lay this map of perfection on my cutting board and everything that does not quickly lead to the thinnest straightest route to my ideals is quickly cut away. I have done that since I was a child. I can only assume it was my way of keeping my world manageable and safe. yet, in reality it did nothing of the sort. cutting away people and activities and varied thought processes limited my world and experiences of many people and above all else kept all personal love at a safe distance. it worked for me. I learned how to use orange cones very well. however, life is not about insulating ourselves and designing an ideal fencing for a horse that needs to run free. each generation has their darkness, their traumas, and their burdens and their ways of evolving in their own time, as do we all. yet, I know I must learn this thing called unconditional personal love but it feels like war. why do we have war anyway? because we don’t know how to be equal? because we don’t know how to surrender? because we don’t know how to love? …. yes, I guess to all of the many answers that justify war in any form. we are all evolving and that evolution takes time. nobody really has any answers or methods that make life easier. we just have to watch ourselves and learn what we do that moves us forward and what we do that takes us backward 10 steps…or ten years. observance. yes. observance. a male friend of mine told me many years ago that I needed to learn acceptance….acceptance. acceptance. yet, how can I accept things as they are when I want them to be better? when I want life to be better and people to be better? I don’t want people to die… I want them to get better…. and so, I can’t easily accept that they won’t get better….and that makes me very very angry and very very sad…but in my anger and my sadness it does not mean that I don’t love unconditionally…in fact, it actually means.. I do. -sst

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“it is truly a Shakespearean Dark Comedic Tragedy to wake-up and realize we are all only human.” -sst

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“it doesn’t pay to get angry with anybody…we really end up regretting every mean word said… humans are constantly evolving and that’s the good news… the bad news is we are no where near the finish line. so, we keep sanding those rough edges with mirrors of truth that remind us…Only Love Is Real.” -Owen Joseph/shannan suzzette

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To Love and Be Loved
(c) 2011 shannan suzzette taylor

God gives us love and free will
to teach us the gift
of suffering

God gives us water
to teach us the gift
of thirst

God gives us pain
to teach us the gift
of surrender

through our free will
we suffer
great pains of the heart
as we struggle to feel
our right use of power
and life force

through our thirst we desire to escape
from the pain of life
at all costs

birth is a painful process
as we travel from spirit
into skin
and try to grow to hold more
of this world
than we think we can stand

we struggle from birth
to be released again
into freedom
to soar again in spirit

yet we are bound
to life here on earth

until we surrender to love

for it is then that we come to know
the true gift of life
feeling all that limbs and breath
basking in the sun and letting go
into the wind of peace and tranquility
feeling love lifting us into the heart
of God
with all the memories we have made
and treasures we have left along the way
not lost but kept forever safe

the path of life is suffering
but suffering is not really suffering
at all
it is knowing life lived one precious moment at a time

by blind faith alone
seeing only through the light of our own heart
we pray to understand
for what purpose we were born at all

to love and be loved
as we are
beheld softly in the eyes
and hands
of God
and one another


we are never alone

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(c) 2008 shannan suzzette taylor

Dis-ease affects us all in one form or another
We are dis-eased from the restrictions of our own skin
For reasons unspecified
Yet with a little scientific exploration
We may be able to excavate the malady
And diffuse the bombs-in-waiting
With tender loving care
We are dis-eased with the self we find
In the mirror of our lives
The child grows without transitional rituals
To guide the birth of new forms
Our bodies reform us without assistance or approval
Life lives through us moving undirected
And uncontrolled by us in any manner
Yet we feel it’s in our own best interest
To attempt to control its journey
Like pouring concrete over a fertile green pasture
We all too often kill or maim what denies us
Absolute control
Thinking with great bravado that we have won
The power over life
Yet the concrete cracks
And the grass find its way to the light
We have won nothing but more dis-ease
We are nature and we are powerful
Yet we all too often work against
The very nature that bore us
And seek to concretize ourselves
In a block of salt preserving life in time
Motionless and inactive—petrified with dis-ease
We are nature and we are life
Moving through this space and time
Quickly and slowly yet moving forward just the same
Dis-ease cannot take hold of movement
The rivers of life flow freely
Without stagnation of thought or worry
The movement of joy
Offers comfort to skin that has worn thin with age
The movement of love
De-creases the road-worn and gullied over
The faces of acceptance
For, cherished lives sparkle and find a home
Under the skin of a life lived and loved fully

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(c) 2008 shannan suzzette taylor

Hurt is unintentional. It is the by-product of defensiveness.
The self-protecting mechanism of survival goes haywire and
ostracizes a body and heart from its true nature. Once it
begins to feel that it is safely protected and isolated from
danger, it realizes that it ceases to live. Then, as the story of
Hansel and Gretel goes, the soul loses sight of its path of
return and is forced to face the fear of cremation of the ego.
The body’s own defense mechanism has locked the soul
inside the illusion of fear. The key for this lost soul is to
surrender to the cremation of the ego so that the illusions of
separation and death can be annihilated. This is the Dark
Night of the Soul. It is the result of a quest and the quest
must be fulfilled.
Unfortunately, for those who need love and approval from a
soul lost to illusion, the pain can grow deeper and deeper. It
may seem that they will never return to the light. Yet, we do
not know, until our loved ones make the choice for themselves.
We cannot intervene in free will.
What we must know is that they are not trying to intentionally
hurt us. They are in pain and doing the best they can to
find a way to love themselves. What we have learned is that
the journey to loving oneself is sometimes long and arduous.
We must love them even when they hurt us. Yet, we can
absolutely love them from afar. We must enlist our angels to
guard our spirits from the energetic debris falling from the
clouded auras of those we love.
Leave them alone and send them light and love. “Forgive
them for they know not what they do.”

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