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love is the gold you mine with the sweat of your life…that’s the real treasure most are unwilling to work hard to discover. only the most dedicated miner will truly prosper in authentic wealth. going deep into the mine is only for the brave of heart..as most are content with panning for flakes in a shallow river bed. reward is measured by effort and risk. when you risk everything…you get all the gold you were after and more. that’s love. real authentic love.-sst

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(c) 2008 shannan suzzette taylor

My Christmas dream is to hold you close to me
Until you fall into a deep sleep
After the day has spent its time through you
Making smiles cross every face
Gives you sweet sighs of relief
Giving your all to those you love
Day in and day out
Leaving no space for your thoughts or dreams
Or what is too impossible to be
A life so full and incomplete
I wish this holy night would find you still
In my arms safe and sound
At peace with life
At peace with love
At peace with us

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In The Hand Of God
copyright 2009 Shannan Suzzette Taylor

There is a great joy in allowing ourselves to live in the hand of God. Walking by faith and not by sight is often the most difficult thing we can learn to do. Many of us are not accustomed to surrendering control of our lives to God on a daily basis but that is what is being asked of us during these uncertain economic times. Daily surrender.

All over the country people are having to become more aware of their “real value” and their “real values.” The status symbols of houses and cars are being sold at foreclosure sales or towed away in the night. Some jobs are disappearing just as others are being created. It is the dawn of a new era. It is the opening of our collective heart of God that is allowing us to see these things not as bad or depressing situations but of a necessary elimination, cleansing, and purification process of what is not of true authentic value in our lives.

We must have asked a question of God in unison, “God, why are we here? What is the meaning and purpose of our lives? What is being on this little planet at this time in history together supposed to teach us about You? Are we meant to suffer our entire lives or can we be forgiven and brought into the light of peace and love now?”

As I say my daily prayers, and I have to say that I pray constantly all day long these days, I am brought into a greater lightness than I have ever known. I feel the presence of God in my heart and in my life. I am seeing miraculous changes all around me. Miracles are all around you too if you look. God has lifted the veils of illusions and shown us the reality of our own beauty in the simple ways of life. Smiles, laughter, hugs. There is no price that can be put on a hug or a smile or a great big sparkling bout of laughter.

What is happening all around us is the bounty of God’s grace raining down on us and through us as if we were all beneath a great and magnificent waterfall. We are being freed from the bonds and false values that more is better. We are being freed from the illusions that love is just a physical act. We are being freed from the myths that have been passed down from generation to generation that we are not good enough or worthy of goodness and light. We have asked sincere questions in our hearts and we are being given God’s answer in our lives.

What is most important cannot be seen or owned or taken by anyone. What is most important in life is the way we give and receive love in communion with God and one another. A holy life is not a restricted life, it is an empowered life full of potential and possibilities of greatness at every turn. Not monetary greatness. A holy life is full of opportunities for noble greatness. The value of great kings rests not in their treasure but in their hearts. This is what we are beginning to understand as a generation.

What has made us empty is the dance with darkness that we have all encountered. Depression is the work of darkness not the work of God. If we think of darkness as a forest that is meant to be entered with caution for the main purpose of being forced by our soul to face all of our deepest subconscious fears and to experience the depth of narcissism and physical ecstasy through detached emotions then we will see that it is only a test. A test of personal will. A test of moral strength. A test of moral courage.
God tests us and we test ourselves, yet sometimes we find ourselves falling into the illusions and forgetting who we were, who we are, and that we are never lost in the light of love. Love and forgiveness are always available, yet still we fall prey to the illusions that we are inherently bad and being punished by being stuck in a world of chaos, fear, dread, and lack of love and financial security for the rest of our lives. That is the hell of our own mental landscape that we create and live out through the days and nights of depression yet it is only an illusion based on an early program from childhood that needs to be deleted from our mind, body, and psyche.

The walk through the forest of our own hell and fear of the ghosts of our own remembered actions and actions forced upon us is God’s way of saying to us, “Be fearless in the face of your demons. You are strong. I have made you in My own image but you must be able to know that in your own heart you have the power to move mountains and create life like Me. I gave you free will so that you would find your way back to Me by your choice alone. I gave you free will to learn that love is the only reality and the only value in this world or not. It is your choice to choose love or eternal fear. Yet, I am always here and waiting for you to call out to Me for guidance. I am always here in your heart of Faith.”

This journey of walking by faith not by sight has been a difficult one for me. I have done things that make no logical sense yet these very irrational actions and movements have opened new worlds of beauty, love, and enchantment in my heart. My eyes have been brightened as well as my heart’s burdens lightened from the bounty of God’s grace and forgiveness. I had to be willing to go into the unknown and seek to know my deepest fears and face the tyrants of my own soul. The battle has been a long and treacherous dark night, yet this new found freedom of truth and the noble grace of knowing authentic love is the greatest gift of being alive.

At this time in our history we are losing what is superficial and gaining what is eternal by having the courage to look deeply into the eyes of our soul to see our own truth and own the wholeness of who we are and who we have come here at this time to be. Enlightened not through the selfish authority of a guru state, but through the deep love and grace of God.

It is our gift of grace to love and be loved for who we are, not as we wish ourselves to be but for who we are at this very moment. It is our gift of grace to others to see the value of the small or great rays of light in their soul and nourish the seeds of love in our community. It is our gift of grace to learn the value of our own heart and expand our bounty by sharing love with others and not taking more than we need by not honoring the needs of others.

This depression or economic downturn has provided us a useful door to a world that we may begin to love with all our heart and soul and our inheritance of a deep emotional poverty will be erased through the grace of God and our gardens will once again rise to nourish all people with our open heart. Only love is real and that is God’s authentic gift to us and the reason we are here together at this time. We are all beginning to understand the value of active faith as it leads us out of darkness and into the light of love forever and always. Amen.

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“He who saves a single life…is as if he saves an entire world” -Talmud

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“our most difficult relationships teach us the most about the depth of love we hold in our own heart. we live in a society that seeks entertainment over lessons…distractions over love…money over people. only when we feel our heart break are we shown what is real and what is simply illusion. though real life and real love requires much endurance of pain and sorrow, there is nothing more worthwhile.” -sst

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Christmas Light

Christmas Light
By O Shannan Suzzette

It is at Christmas time that we seek unto ourselves, amongst the chaos
of externals, for a sense of order, meaning and enlightenment in our
lives. We ask for truth, joy, compassion and kindness from our world.

Yet, honestly, we ask these things from ourselves. We spend all year
long tearing at the lint of our internal fabric – a pulled yarn that
often leads to our own unraveling.

We think ourselves as unworthy, imperfect and challenged in the light
of someone else’s eyes. We have bought into the myth of some absolute
perfection; yet do not understand what it means.

In subscribing to the myth of absolute perfection, we dig and we bury
pieces of ourselves that we alone deem unworthy and unfit. For others
eyes, however harshly constant they cast the shadow of judgment upon
our being, are only a mirror image of how we see ourselves.

We bury our treasures, our gifts, our beauty and our light under the
bushel of our own fear. It is at Christmas time that the veil is
lifted, and we must deal with this truth.

It is at Christmas time that we seek to follow our own bright shining
star from the desert of our self-made loneliness into the village of
our loving hearts. Like noble Kings traveling through the night, we
lift up our treasures to the Light and know that our gifts are worthy
and perfect for the Divine Child within us.

We know that we are perfect in His Light. Our fingerprints, like the
perfectly formed snowflake each solely unique and original, mark us as
one tiny piece of the greater whole of God.

© Copyright by OShannan Suzzette

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sweet dreams

(c) 2011 shannan suzzette taylor

oh my calico friend
you bless me with your care
how you guard my vacant life
holding soil beneath your tender paw
as I talk in silent wanderings
knowing not why you came at all
I am still beneath the oak
though my heart has lept into the wind
no need to hold my grave in place now
sweet dreams have let me in

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