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“Am I not here Who Am your Mother?” She said to little Juan Diego.

Let us not build cancerous walls of fear in our minds, or in our spirits, or in our bodies or in our families, or in our communities, or in our countries or in our world but let us work together to build bridges of Faith that allow us all to grow in Love and Peace and Unity, strong in the fabric of Truth. Only Love is Real. Leaving no one child of God left behind, anywhere, any time, ever. Let us be what we are all called to be in Truth. Let us be Love, for only Love is real. Only Love is Forever. Let us be united in Peace in Love in the Whole Mystical Body of Christ, honoring one another in Truth, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, our Mother, and the Mother of God.

Let us create together, let us grow together, let us hope together, let us share this world with One Heart, with Love, Together.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, Our Lady of the Americas, Our Lady of Peace, pray for us and for our world! Amen.

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“To Love As Love Sees Us”-“There is no Life without Love. We all are here, together, in this multicultural world, because the sun came up another day to help us See one another, as Love sees us. Radiantly Beautiful and Good.”

“To Love As Love Sees Us”

The sun came up this morning, as it does every  morning whether we see it through the clouds of rain in our hearts or acknowledge it as the Light of Love in us or not, it rises just for us. It rises within us too as we sense the surge of life flow into our limbs often stiff from slumber.

This golden beauty rises and radiates life giving love to everything and inspires hearts, both open and hardened and set to rust, to see beyond the mundane of our daily routines, if only for a moment, to look up into the sky, beyond our small narrow selves, and into the eyes of the immense Heart and power of Love.

Everyday we are offered a place at the banquet of praise of beauty, of truth, of goodness, and of Love. Everyday we are given an opportunity to hold the Heart of God in us. Everyday we are offered the grace to be alive, whether we are good or bad, sinners or saints, everyday we are loved through the Light, the warmth, the goodness of our Father.

Everyday, whether we accept it or not or are able to receive it fully into our hearts or not,  we must understand at some point in our lives, this truth to be self evident, that no matter what we have done or not been able to do for ourselves or for others, no matter how we have caused harm or been harmed by others, no matter the reason we may see ourselves or others as unlovable, we all, in fact, still are Loved.

We cannot have Peace if we first do not have love, and we cannot receive love if we do not believe in Love. We must always always believe in Love, for in truth, Love is all we are, all we ever can be and all we were created for, all we were created by, and all we are created through. There is no life without Love. We all are here together in this multicultural world, because the sun came up another day to help us see one another, as Love sees us. Radiantly Beautiful and Good.

(c)2017 Shannan Suzzette Taylor

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