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“Only Love is real because only Love is Forever. All else is illusion. And, sometimes, especially during times of intense grief and loss, even the brightest, wisest souls lose their light in the shadows of life and become a bit, or a lot, delusional.

We all go through a tunnel of disorientation, confusion, and darkness at some point in our lifetimes. We are, after all, human beings in need of Daily Grace.

Therefore, the most important thing we can and must do everyday is pray, pray for grace, for ourselves and for others. Prayer is medicine. Prayer is healing. Prayer is Love.

Prayer is thanks giving everyday. The more we give thanks the more we are able to love and be loved. So, upon rising, and before resting, let us always welcome the stillness of love and prayer to give thanks for the many blessings we are offered and receive everyday free of charge; to see the sun rise, the flowers bloom, the snow fall, the showers of tears in joy, sorrow and laughter, the poetry of heaven and earth dancing in our heart, the full moon’s light to guide our night, the breath of life, the gift of sight – all gifts granted without a fee, Daily Grace from the Heart of God, to help us see – we can only love love in return – as we will all learn in our final days; only Love is real; only Love is Forever.

Ask and you will receive, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened into you; into your own heart. All the graces you need to get through the day, the month, the year, and this lifetime are yours, given freely and abundantly, when you ask. For, Love waits, always patiently, to welcome you home, into your own heart.

Only Love Is Real; Only Love Is Forever.

Only Love Is You!”- Shannan Suzzette Taylor


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